• What You Need to Know About the Steam Deck
    In the summer of 2021, Valve announced that they would be getting into the handheld gaming market with the unveiling of the Steam Deck. Paired with Valve’s highly popular Steam digital distribution marketplace, the Steam Deck lets you take your PC game library on the go. Providing the portability of hardware competitors like the Nintendo … Read More
  • Grand Theft Auto 6 Confirmed to be in Development
    Rockstar has confirmed that a GTA 6 release is coming!! This is the first official piece of news of a new entry in the franchise from the publisher. However, if you are expecting anymore news about the game then you are out of luck. In the past few years or so, there has been a … Read More
  • PlayStation Plus Free Games February 2022
    It’s the end of the month so that can only mean one thing… a new set of PlayStation Plus free games! As per usual, two of the three games will be available on PlayStation 4 and one will be a Ps5 exclusive. This month’s list includes EA Sports’ UFC 4, Planet Coaster: Console Edition and … Read More
  • Cyberpunk 2077 One Year Later
    It has already been over a year since the release of the long awaited Cyberpunk 2077. Remembered as one of the biggest train-wrecks in the gaming world, CD Projekt Red, the game’s developers, received a ton of backlash for releasing what seemed to be an unfinished game.  I happened to be one of the suckers … Read More

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