Mess Effect

New Mass Effect Being Developed on Unreal Engine 5

Mass Effect is one of the most beloved RPG series, and even if the latest entry was not a hit, this amazing game continues with a new title. Since the game is still in early development, there isn’t much information being brought to light, but there are some key elements that make everyone very excited. Here’s what we know about the upcoming Mass Effect game!

It’s made in the Unreal Engine 5

This is a huge shift for the Mass Effect series, which had its first 3 games in Unreal Engine, but then released Andromeda in Frostbite. Now, with the latest Mass Effect, we are finally enjoying the comeback of the Unreal Engine. Since Andromeda had many issues from transferring to a new engine, the return to Unreal might actually help more than anticipated. That’s especially true if they use the latest Unreal Engine version, which is clearly geared towards next-gen games.

The game may be focused on Geth

While there are no story details or anything like that, the image that teased this new title featured a crater looking really similar to a Geth helmet. There are a few characters near the crater too, and one of them has Krogan armor. Needless to say, we will see some of the species that we liked in Mass Effect 1-3, which is great news. However, we don’t know when the game will be set, and who will be the main protagonist to begin with.

Liara Plays Some Kind of Role in the Game

The teaser trailer released for the game showed Liara T’Soni in the game, roaming a planet and finding N7 armor on it. The speculations suggest that the action might take place in the Milky Way, and some of the game might even take place on Earth. According to that trailer, it’s expected for the next game to actually be connected with Andromeda.

It’s being made by a Veteran team at Bioware

The new Mass Effect is actually taken care of by a veteran team at Bioware, which has been around for a very long time. Some of these people even worked on the original trilogy. It’s not what happened to Mass Effect Andromeda, which brings a lot of hope for players.

When will the new Mass Effect game launch?

Right now, Bioware is focused on launching Dragon Age 4. So we can’t really expect Mass Effect to arrive until that game is released. Speculations online suggest that Mass Effect might come in late 2023 or early 2024. There’s quite a lot of time until then, which might suggest the game is still in early phases.

Regardless of when it arrives, people are very excited about the possibility and the fact that we will actually have a new Mass Effect game. Even if the latest one was not the best, the series itself is still beloved by a lot of people worldwide. And there’s still plenty of excitement to be had when it comes to the series, especially when there are so many great possibilities!

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