Apex Legends New Season 11 Map: Release Date, Details, Leaks and More

Apex Legends new season ‘Escape’ is arriving soon and Apex players are excited for the new season already. The new season will arrive on November 2, and just like the previous seasons, it will last for 13 weeks. Season 11 will bring some exciting new updates to the game including:

  • Tropical Island Map
  • CAR SMG from Titanfall
  • Apex Legend Ash from Titanfall

Tropical Island Map

As we’ve already seen in the trailer of the upcoming season 11, the new map is based on a tropical island filled with beaches, dense forest, wild creatures, and crashed ships. The name of the map is still unknown but we can clearly see that the new map is going to be designed as an island.

This new map will also bring AI animals including flies, prowlers, and spider looking creatures to attack the players. From all of the leaks and the season 11 trailer it might be the case that the new map is going to be the new favorite for Apex Players.

CAR SMG from Titanfall

Being a famous weapon in Titanfall, the CAR SMG is coming to Apex Legends this new season. We don’t know much about how it will perform in Apex Legends or how it is going to be like, but we can assume that it’s is going to be similar with Titanfall. In Titanfall 1 and 2, CAR SMG was almost an assault rifle-SMG hybrid with consistent and low recoil. CAR SMG will prove to be a great weapon for close to medium range fights thanks to its exceptional range and stability.

Apex Legends Ash from Titanfall

Ash was first announced into the world of Apex Legends in season 5 quest. She currently works as a mastermind behind the arenas mode introduced in season 9. But from season 11, Ash will play in the battle royale to fight with the other legends. Obviously, you can buy Ash from legend tokens just like other legends or from premium Apex coins when the new season starts.

We don’t know much about her abilities, but from the trailer we can see that Ash is using a Katana like sword similar to her ronin titan in Titanfall. But like all legends, the sword will only get used in ability animations rather then being a useable weapon. “She will open portals just like wraith and with a character this cool, gamers will never play wraith” said the Apex pro Aceu.

We will get to know more about these leaks when the new season arrive so stay tuned for more updates regarding the new season ‘Escape.’

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