Battlefield 2042 RTX PC Trailer Review

Battlefield 2042 just dropped its trailer for high PC performance graphics. The trailer is meant to showcase how the game would run with a high quality Nvidia video card. The PC version of the game will support Nvidia DLSS, Nvidia Reflex and ray tracing. All features that provide lighting and ambience to the ridiculously large maps for BF2042 lobbies.

Choppy Frames

Most games would showcase this to show off how their game runs smoothly with the high performance settings turned on. However, the trailer may bring more worry than reassurance. There are points in the RTX trailer where the frames seem to appear a bit choppy. Specifically the helicopter sequence and a few other segments where the frames seem to stutter.

These scenes seem to have a lot going on in them, like explosions, fires, movement, etc.. It’s not hard to see why any system would struggle to run at such high performance settings. Especially being a battlefield game, which are known for being full blown battle simulators. The only question is; why showcase the choppy gameplay?

It’s safe to assume that the components used to capture this gameplay is probably of the highest quality. In that case, it’s a bit concerning to see. Players are expecting a smooth battle experience but what we’ve gotten so far is not that.

The Battlefield 2042 beta is under a lot of scrutiny for being a buggy and unfinished game. If anything, players were looking for solid proof that the game will be finished by the middle of this month with no further delay. As well as being fully finished.

It’s a tall order to ask DICE to make this epic war simulator at next-gen graphics levels but it’s what we are being promised. We just hope that DICE is able to follow through and deliver a truly immersive Battlefield experience.

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