Battlefield 2042’s New Mode is Game Changing

It was only just last month that fans of the Battlefield game franchise were given a look at DICE’s newest project, Battlefield 2042, with the promise of a “love letter to the fanbase” which was set to be revealed at a later date. Well, ladies and gents, the time has finally arrived and promises have been kept. Yesterday DICE revealed the new game mode in BF2042 called Portal.

“Is this another played out battle royale game mode,” you might ask yourself. Fortunately for us, the answer is a booming, NO. Think more Epic Battle SImulator and you’re getting warmer to what this game mode actually entails. 

Electronic Arts

Portal will be a completely customizable sandbox creator with elements from Battlefield 3, Battlefield 1942, and Battlefield Bad Company 2

“How will this look,” you ask? Imagine soldiers from 1942 running at speeds of 40mph towards another army of soldiers from 2042 armed with only defibrillators. The possibilities are pretty much infinite. 

The new game mode will allow players to design their own servers with whatever combination of battlefield features that tickles their fancy. Not only will we have the ability to customize preset game modes, Portal will also have a “logic editor” which will allow players to change settings like bullet speed, sprint speed, player abilities, and general physics.

It isn’t something most players will play with, but the few brave souls that attempt to create fully customized games will have most of the battlefield universe at their fingertips. For the ones that just want to mess around with maps, weapons and soldiers, DICE gave players the option to enable their usual game mode presets. 

An interesting move by the developers to allow players this much freedom. It is exciting to think how other titles might take away from this game mode as players get more and more creative with their server designs. 

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