Call of Duty Vanguard Review

Activision has maintained a tradition of releasing a new Call of Duty title every year. For this year, we received Call of Duty Vanguard. Fans of the franchise were initially not that excited about the fact that the game was set in World War 2, however, some of them have changed their opinions about it. Here is a comprehensive review of the new Call of Duty game.

The Gunplay

While almost all Call of Duty titles feel as if their gunplay is the same, the developers like to change things up times. The COD to have the best ever gunplay according to the community was Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019. The gunplay for Vanguard seems to fall right along those lines as it is made on the same engine that Modern Warfare was made on. The weapons handle quite well with each one having a satisfying kick to it. Just like on Modern Warfare, players can also mount their weapons on certain spots for lower recoil.

Map Design

The overall map design of all the maps is in the typical COD fashion. The spawn locations are designed effectively so players don’t spawn on enemies’ faces. The maps promote the arcade, in-your-face style gameplay that Call of Duty fans is familiar with. However, it wasn’t the same story for the Beta.


With Vanguard, new destruction mechanics have also been added. Several destructible walls have been placed on different locations of the map. Players can use them to create new lines of sight or make a new pathway for a different approach to an objective. They also add to the immersive experience of gunfights.

The Campaign and Story

The Call of Duty series has given us some of the best campaign stories and characters ever. Who can forget the beloved characters, Soap, Roach, Ghost, and Price, from the Call of Duty Modern Warfare series? However, some Call of Duty titles have not managed to create such immense character development, we’re looking at you “COD” Infinite Warfare”.

It seems that all great storytelling features are included in the COD Vanguard campaign. Vanguard campaign is all about the characters. Each character is developed by placing them in a specific time and location, as they walk on the path that leads towards meeting each other. However, the overall direction of the campaign is very linear as is with almost all COD titles.


For some gamers, the Zombies mode is where the fun is at in a COD game. With each iteration, the Zombies mode gets slight changes here and there. However, with COD Vanguard, the Zombies mode has received some big changes. These changes prove to have gone in the right direction.


The Zombies modes for previous titles did not have much clear guidance about how to solve the puzzles to initiate the Easter egg. This is not the case anymore as a lot of smart changes have been added. You linearly progress through the puzzles, with each objective clearly defined. Vanguard has made the Zombies mode much beginner-friendly this time.

In conclusion Call of Duty Vanguard is everything that we expect a COD title to be, with some bits and pieces of improvements here and there. While most people play the multiplayer mode only, the campaign has also received some love from the developers. The biggest changes are made to the Zombies mode which are sure to attract newer players to the mode now. Overall it is a great game.

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