Far Cry 6 Preview: A Huge Game Coming Your Way

With a Hollywood celebrity on the cover, a huge map based on a tropical fictional city, and a massive budget, Far Cry 6 is astronomical in every sense. A lot is at stake for Ubisoft as the previous game in the series didn’t do as well as many were expecting.

Far Cry 6 is built for a mature audience and its recent video preview has reiterated the fact that the game is pretty darn dark. The game is a perfect blend of fiction and real-world challenges based on tyrannical rulers. Let’s see what we are supposed to expect from the game this fall.

This time around, Ubisoft takes us to a fictional city of Yara which is ruled by an unforgiving, atrocious, and tyrannical ruler Anton Castillo. Anton Castillo is played by none other than Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito. The fictional city Yara is having an uprising and experiencing a bloody revolution infested with guerilla warfare. Players will closely experience the guerilla warfare environment throughout the game in the populated environments.

Moreover, the game this time is a massive RPG and has embraced features similar to Assassin’s Creed Origins. Developers have emphasized character level and gear.
In Far Cry 6, we will play as a freedom fighter known as Dani, on a mission to overthrow Castillo. Characters in the game are captivating, you also have the option to select whether to play as a male or a female. The city is available for exploration without any soldiers hunting you down provided your weapon is holstered. You can also ride a horse this time as surprisingly it was missing in Far Cry 5.

You will also have your sidekick in Chorizo, a dog on a doggie wheelchair, and Guapo, a denim-wearing crocodile, to accompany you around the island.

That is pretty much it for a brief preview, stick with Bot Gamer News for more on Far Cry’s newest entry.