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Fortnite Chapter 3 Everything You Need to Know

Fortnite Chapter 3 New Map

As expected, Fortnite: Chapter 3 plunges players into a brand new map, full of interesting locations to explore and loot. The new map has a variety of biomes, including the southeastern desert, western snowy plains, and eastern tropical landscape. There are a dozen or so new areas to visit, including unique locations as well as returning favorites.

For example, fan-favorite areas like Greasy Grove and Shifty Shafts can be found in the snowy region. Locations like Chonker’s Speedway and Condo Canyon are located in the desert biome. Fans of Spider-Man can also check out a recreation of the Daily Bugle office building in the northeastern area. There are also a handful of buildings with secret vaults underneath, which require multiple players to unlock. As Fortnite: Chapter 3 progresses, players will experience the implementation of dynamic weather and shifting seasons.

New Weapons, Items, and Gameplay

There are a plethora of fresh gameplay mechanics for players, including a sliding mechanic, trees that fall when harvesting, etc.. The available arsenal of weapons has been modified, providing new versions of expected weapons. There are two new assault rifles, the MK-Seven and the Ranger. The Ranger having a red-dot sight for first-person aiming. There are also two new shotguns, the Auto Shotgun and the Striker Pump. Both of which are slightly less powerful than the previous chapter’s shotguns. Two new sidearms have also been added to the game, with the strong but inaccurate Stinger SMG and standard Sidearm Pistol available to collect. As always, rare exotic weapons can be purchased from characters around the map, provided you have the gold to afford them.

In terms of utility items, things have remained mostly unchanged in Fortnite: Chapter 3, but there are still a few new goodies to check out. There are two new healing items, the Med Mist and Guzzle Juice, both of which are incredibly useful. The Med Mist allows you to heal both yourself and your teammates while moving, while the Guzzle Juice completely refills your health at a slow rate as long as you don’t take any damage. Strategic players will also appreciate the new Tent item, which allows you to store guns and items for later matches. This is the first time that Fortnite has featured an item that lets you carry inventory between rounds, which will definitely shake up the game flow.

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