Fortnite: What Has Changed Over The Course of Chapter 2

Just in case you have somehow managed to miss the rise of the most popular new gaming property perhaps ever over the last few years, allow us to get you better acquainted. Fortnite is a battle royale game that puts you up against 99 other players all in the hope of being the last man (or woman) standing. You achieve this through building, running and gunning and foraging for gear to make the task of surviving a little more manageable.

For those who played this game upon its arrival to mainstream gaming, you may look at the property now as an unrecognizable entity. This is a fair assessment as the game has expanded, evolved and changed, mostly for the better. However, this can be alienating and strange, especially for those that want to dip their toe back into the action. So with that in mind, we aim to offer some clarity. So here are five key differences between gameplay from the start of the second chapter, to the present day.

#1 – PvE and Mini Games

One of the biggest changes first introduced in chapter 2, season 2 has been the introduction of games within games. Players are able to locate points of interest on the map that have NPC bosses, monsters or mini-games to participate in. All of which offering a reward for taking on the challenge. These monsters and games usually offer drops that cannot be obtained anywhere else on the map. Meaning that the players in possession of these items have a tactical advantage over players that have to make do with the standard items available.

This has been a great way to level the playing field and bring old and new players into the fold. As no matter how good a seasoned player is, having an item that turns the tide and gives you an edge will always help bridge the gap in terms of skill level. So overall, this is a positive change.

#2 – Bringing in the Bots

Speaking of changes that help on-board new and older players. The introduction of bots has been a welcome change. This allows players to meet ‘players’ on the map that are more in line with their skill level. Meaning that their experience isn’t just simply getting killed very quickly each and every game. This has improved the drop off for Fortnite in the early stages of gameplay, helped improve the average beginner’s experience and also has improved the matchmaking system as a whole. Plus, it has been done so seamlessly that players can rarely tell when they encounter a bot, which keeps the gameplay feeling authentic. So once again, a great change.

#3 – More Chill Modes

Fortnite has worked very hard as a franchise to become something of a metaverse. Allowing players to simply exist within the world by building, fighting, socializing or even enjoying exclusive events. There has been the introduction of a creative mode that allows players to use unlimited resources and build whatever they like without the fear of being killed. Then you have Party Royale which allows players to simply chill and fraternize within the Fortnite landscape.

Then, of course, you have exclusive events that players can enjoy. There was the exclusive Astronomical Travis Scott event. Ariana Grande has also done a concert within the game and recently, the game has even tried to be an educational facility, raising awareness within the younger demographic about the work the Reverend Martin Luther King did for the black community.

Epic Games

#4 – Vending Machines and Gold Bars

Another change those older players will need to adjust to is the inclusion of a currency within Fortnite and we don’t mean V-Bucks. We mean gold bars which are used to acquire items from NPC’s and can also be used in vending machines. A feature that made its first appearance in Season five but has only made a major return quite recently. This change allows players to save up their gold and use it on items that have the potential to turn a poor run into a victory royale earning game. It’s another mechanic that makes the game more interesting and adds more balance to the playing field so we are all for it.

#5 – Third Party Crossovers

Then lastly, it would be rude not to mention the abundant third-party crossovers, considering how hard Epic works to make those connections. Fortnite over recent months has been churning out third party skin after third party skin. Allowing players to dress as their favourite entities and characters from other franchises and we as consumers have lapped it up. To name a few we have seen The Terminator, Alien, God of War, Tomb Raider, a wide selection of soccer stars and teams, The Avengers and Street Fighter properties make their way to this monumental gaming franchise.

We are currently on Season 2 Chapter 8 in the game’s hopefully long existence in mainstream gaming.

It shows the pull that this game has within the industry and while it’s all a shameless cash grab, it appears to make the fans happy and that’s all you can really ask for. So across the board, we only really see good changes happening to Fortnite and long may it continue.

So that is our guide on how Fortnite has changed since its arrival within the gaming scene. What did you make of this guide? Was this helpful and informative for you? What do you make of the changes to the game and do you think they have improved the overall experience? Let us know in the comments section below.

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