Halo Infinite: A Hell of a Fine Halo

Halo has been around for more than 20 years now. Some of its titles are jaw-droppingly awesome while others were disappointing. However, Halo Infinite is one hell of a fine Halo. Halo Infinite sticks to its roots as well as introduces new elements that are a breath of fresh air. It introduces a mega open-world map while retaining its classic gameplay. The vast array of vehicles, on-foot gameplay, and combat mechanics follow traditional pathways. While the expansive open-world playground offers exciting new activities and fun.

Halo Infinite Map

The first thing that mesmerizes players is the freedom to explore the Zeta Halo ring. This is for the first time that developers departed from the old linear style blueprint. The enormous open-world space lets you explore and experience unexpected things. However, like other open-world rpg titles, the map opens step by step which means you will complete missions first to unlock the whole map.


Another addition to Halo Infinite is the hook gameplay, specifically, the Grappleshot. This tool comes in handy throughout the game as it is used to grab weapons, escape combats when needed, as well as acts as a launch tool. Moreover, the boss fights in Halo Infinite will keep you on your toes all the while. Right from the start where Brute Lieutenant Tremonious with help of his powerful AI keeps you in a very compromising position, and that is just the beginning.

The story mode after so many years is brilliant in Halo Infinite. The relationship between Master Chief and the Weapon, the new AI companion, is perfect. It proceeds wonderfully well from infancy to straining to strengthen as the Weapon doesn’t know Master Chief at all. The story also unfolds events that lead us to understand Master Chief’s struggles. The voice acting is also superb.

Halo Infinite was a much-awaited and anticipated AAA game and it lived up to its expectation and hype. The game still could have done better with the imagery and landscape details of new map areas. Overall the game impresses a lot. For us, this game falls in the top 3 of all time Halos. This game deserves a go from you.

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