Halo Infinite What to Expect

The saviors and protectors of humanity are coming back, Master Chief and Cortana will once again join to fight the banished. Halo Infinite finally has a release date and is the most anticipated game on the Xbox Series X console. The game was slated to launch earlier along with the next-gen console but got delayed. Halo Infinite is considered a reboot of Microsoft’s legendary Halo franchise and will take it once again to soaring heights.

Halo Infinite will carry forward the story from where it left in the previous title. This time around, Master Chief will head out to get his hands on an AI code name ‘The Weapon’ in his first mission. Halo Infinite promises a huge open world space where players would enjoy a renewed Halo exploratory world gameplay.

The game introduces an RPG experience, along with style gameplay with plenty of special upgrades. A grappling hook feature that lets Master Chief pull himself to enemies is also a spectacular addition. This will provide a more personalized approach to fighting enemies.

Plenty of new challenges and enemies will come in the way to stop the Master Chief. This will require players to take down the banished, including new enemies like Skimmers, a sadistic spartan killer, and even more threatening and powerful enemies. b

Halo Infinite’s vast and fractured world will test the mettle of players by putting them in ultimate challenges. Players will also have the Halo Infinite forge mode which allows a significant overhaul of maps. Some of the maps from the map pool are Bazaar, Live Fire, Fragmentation, and Behemoth.

There are also reports that Halo Infinity will get an early access bundle with multiple DLC packs. Halo Infinite’s campaign will launch on December 9th along with free-to-play multiplayer mode. The game will launch on Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox Game Pass. The game is available for pre on Microsoft’s Xbox Store, and Steam for $59.99.

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