Mario Party Superstars DLC: Top 5 Boards We Want

It has been about three months since Mario Party Superstars was released for the Switch. Fans of the series are elated that NDcube returned Mario Party’s roots to create a great gaming experience for both new and old players alike.

With rumors of a Nintendo Direct coming in early February, many are wondering if Superstars will get DLC in the form of new boards and minigames. The game is amazing, but more content would put it over the edge and cement it as the greatest Mario Party in the franchise. So, these are the top 5 boards that I would like to see make it into Mario Party Superstars.

5. Chilly Waters

This board is from Mario Party 3 and would be perfect to announce during a February Direct while it is still winter. This board has giant snowballs that move you, similar to Space 

Land, but you have the ability to jump over them. This gives you a lot of movement options. Feeling dangerous? You can move through the middle junctions, but you run the risk of slipping or someone else breaking the ice…

4. Mario’s Rainbow Castle 

This board from Mario Party is the simplest board on this list, but also one of the most memorable. This board is a one way path with a cloud, Fwoosh, that brings you up to the tower 

once you reach the end. What makes this map exciting is that Toad and Bowser will switch positions each time someone reaches the end. Toad hands out the stars like usual, but anyone who has to deal with Bowser will be punished with a Ztar, which takes 40 coins. It is a good beginner board and would look absolutely beautiful with updated graphics.

3. Spiny Desert 

This is another fan-favorite from Mario Party 3. This board would bring a mechanic that really separates it from all the others, the mirage star. On this map, there are two stars, but only one is real. For this reason, and the fact that Mario Party 3 has less boards than Mario Party 2 in Superstars, I believe it has a better chance of being the desert board representation than Western Land does.

2. Bowser Land

This is the Bowser board that Superstars needs. This board from Mario Party 2 is the greatest Bowser map from the series. There are so many interesting mechanics unique to this board like the reverse banks, the Blooper ride, the Koopa Kid shop, and of course the Bowser Parade. This board alone creates a whole new experience and requires a totally different strategy.

1. Waluigi Island 

My most wanted map is Waluigi Island from Mario Party 3. This is without a doubt, the craziest board from the series. The island that explodes keeps everyone on their toes, the path to Boo is booby trapped, the junction in the middle is always intense, the board has a great theme, I could go on and on. I think the best part of this map though is the island on the upper left. Every turn all the spaces transform into a random one. This could make everyone there lose coins, gain items, start battling, or even create a turn of nonstop chance time. This board is chaos. If Waluigi can’t get into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, at least give us his map for Mario Party.

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