Nintendo Reveals New Console

Nintendo announced a release day for a new console on Tuesday with absolutely no heads up on this announcement. No event, no press reveal, nada. Just a classic surprise announcement about the new Switch which will apparently hit shelves this October.

The sleek looking new Nintendo Switch has an OLED display to allow players to enjoy stunning graphics and vibrant colors on the go. The mobile display is also larger than that of the original and will be available October 8, for $349.99.

This news comes as we are in the middle of a chip shortage, which has left consumers struggling to find any game consoles this past year. Sony and Microsoft launched their respective next-gen consoles late last year and they are still struggling to meet the demand. So it’s interesting that Nintendo chose to release a new console at this time, when even their own original Nintendo Switch is still flying off the shelves.

The new console has a variety of new features including:

  • -An OLED screen for brighter, more vibrant colors.
  • -A 7-inch display, which is larger than the 6.2-inch Switch  and the 5.5-inch Switch Lite display.
  • -Better battery life and memory storage.
  • -And a kick-stand for improved stability when playing on a surface.

This isn’t really the kind of upgrade most fans were waiting for. A 4K display would’ve been nice, but we’ll take what we can get (it’s not like we have much of a choice). However, hopefully this will take some heat off of the other new consoles and finally give players a chance to buy one of their own.

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