What You Need To Know About the Battlefield 2042 Beta

If you aren’t one of the players who preordered Battlefield 2042 and got early access to the beta, you’ll have a chance to try out the game. The Battlefield 2042 Beta has been available to players who have already preordered the game and initial reviews are generally positive.

The question players seen to have is- what is the cross-play situation?

Battlefield 2042 Beta

The game is being praised for it’s level of detail and smooth gameplay mechanics. The attention to detail on the graphics side is outstanding and is clearly made for next-gen level performance. There is finally the ability to change certain settings for console players making it very customizable for players across all platforms from FOV to controller bindings.

The game has smooth player movement which is necessary considering all the different environments and character abilities that players will encounter. The addition of slide cancelling was a surprise to many people who are familiar with the Battlefield franchise and there may be mixed emotions about it.

All the new features, such as; in game events, vehicle requests, special abilities and quick in game gun customization are actually paying off. This would come as a big relief to developers and players that want to shift away from the typical fps shooters we’ve been receiving for the last half decade.

It’s a pretty cool thing to see a tornado picking players, vehicles and debris up and launching them across the map.

The Battlefield 2042 Open Beta will be available for all players starting tomorrow, October 8 – 9!

Cross-platform play?

What’s important to know is that players will either be playing on next-gen consoles/PC or old-gen consoles (Xbox One and Ps4). Next-gen and old-gen players will NOT be playing the same beta. I repeat – these will NOT be the same game. Crossplay will only be available between PC, Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles. Or between PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

For anyone on PS4 or Xbox One that are hoping to play the Battlefield 2042 beta with their friend on next-gen or PC, expect your dreams to be obliterated.

The game is intended for high performing machines and old-gen consoles just don’t have what it takes to run these massive lobbies. While next-gen players will be able to run around the entirety of the Orbital map features in the beta, old0gen players are confined to about half of the map. Old-gen lobbies will also only have 64 player lobbies compared the 128 players in next-gen lobbies.

Moral of the story is – get a next-gen console to experience the full might of Battlefield 2042 beta.

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